Allergy Testing

Allerdent, an Oral Mucosal Immunotherapy (OMIT) treatment, is a specialized toothpaste base formulated to incorporate and stabilize allergy immunotherapy extracts. Oral mucosa is a natural ite in the mouth of immune tolerance and is effective in binding antigenic serum in toothpaste without hypersensitivity reactions or side effects

A new FDA cleared finger stick blood test has been developed which tests for 180 allergens vs. an average of 40-50 allergens on a scratch test. Using only 5 drops of blood on the dry blood card and using the next-generation molecular proteomic test technology, Healthcare Providers can now measure the patient's progress in about 4-5 business days. The sensitivity and specificity of this test is measured at over 95% accurate.

The new finger stick blood test is extremely accurate and sensitive compared to an average 30% false positive/false negative rate from scratch testing