Laser Hair Removal

Just about everyone has some amount of unwanted hair – whether you shave your underarms each day, or you’re experiencing hair growth on your neck, back, and shoulders. At-home hair removal can be a hassle or painful, with only temporary results from shaving and waxing. But with our laser hair removal services in Las Vegas, you can enjoy freedom from the routine of shaving and the embarrassment of unwanted hair.

We invest in the latest and best technologies to offer virtually pain-free treatment and better-than-ever results from laser hair removal. With our commitment to modern, quality laser hair removal advancements, you get highly effective care that minimizes the overall amount of treatments needed.

This system uses lasers and IPL (intense pulsed light) to minimize hair growth at the root – a method you simply can’t get with waxing or shaving. ForMax Sharplight hair removal does not involve the use of messy gels or topical anesthetic to deliver extremely improved results.

The light used in treatment is best absorbed by dark colors – i.e. the roots of hair. When the light is taken in, it turns to heat which affects the root and limits re-growth.  We customize treatment based on skin pigmentation and hair type – laser hair removal works best for those with darker or coarse hair, but advancements in technology have helped lasers and pulsed light therapy better target lighter unwanted hair and fair skin tones.

Laser hair removal is effective at reducing hair population in areas that men and women commonly shave or wax. Instead of temporary results from standard hair removal methods, our laser hair removal therapy provides:

  • Permanent Reduction in Hair Growth – Laser hair removal and IPL treatment are some of the only ways to truly reduce the amount of hair growth in a certain area.  After laser treatment, hair is finer and softer – you can see results after just one session. If further sessions are needed, hair is continually reduced until it is virtually eliminated.
  • Comfortable Treatment – Waxing can be painful and leave skin irritated, and nicking your skin from shaving isn’t a pleasant experience. With our advanced technology, you can enjoy comfortable hair removal that delivers virtually painless results.
  • Lasting, Cost-Smart Results – The prices for continually buying razors, shave cream, or even spending close to $100 to have a routine spa wax quickly adds up over the years. By choosing laser hair removal at Vida Spa MedSpa, you can enjoy the lasting benefits of permanent reduction in hair population in treated areas, as well as taking the cost of continued shaving and waxing out of your budget.

While laser hair treatment is popular among women who wish to do away with frequent bikini waxes, or are tired of routinely shaving their legs and underarms, men can benefit as well. Our Vida Spa MedSpa performs laser hair removal therapy for unwanted hair growth frequently experienced by men on their arms, shoulders, back and neck, with results after one visit.

Imagine a stress-free swimsuit season, where you don’t have to worry about your bikini line, or trying to shave bothersome hair on your back and shoulders. Laser hair removal makes this possible by permanently limiting growth of unwanted hair.