There is currently a huge demand for natural looking, full, youthful eyebrows. Technology in eyebrow tattooing is advancing in order to meet this demand. New needle sizes and creatively designed tools are coming to the market, which allow technicians to recreate the look of individual eyebrows hairs in the skin to augment, or replace, missing, sparse, over-tweezed, or too-thin eyebrows.

The concept of "hair-like" strokes implanted in the eyebrow area via cosmetic tattooing has been around for over a decade. However, until recently, the tools and techniques were not as finely adapted to this process.  Now, you can have very thin, hair-like strokes applied that match the growth pattern and color of your own existing brow hairs, or completely recreate a full brows where there is no hair at all.

A properly skilled, experienced, permanent makeup practitioner will make an assessment at a face-to-face consultation, discuss your expectations and desires for brow shape, color, and effects that can be created with a variety of needle sizes and techniques.